Knee pain relieved easily !

Knee Pain Relieved Easily!

knee arthrosis

Knee pain, knee swelling, inability to bend, painful, difficulty to walking. Knee arthritis has similar symptoms, but in the X-ray, "Cartilage is worn down. It is an aging phenomenon and " Most people do not recover. However, the cause of knee pain is stiffness around the patella! Pain disappears if you do this with Jiwa Pha(Blood circulation therapy)!

Improving circulation in the knee joint reduces swelling.

When the stiffness around the joint loosens, the knee bends more easily. 10 years of knee pain has completely healed and I'm able to sit straight! No recurrence after 7 years!


A 67-year-old woman  living in Toyonaka City had knee pain for10 years and visited a hospital. Her knee joint was swollen and had to be drained at the hospital. But when she played table tennis, her hobby, her pain recurred, and her whole knee was so swollen it became difficult to walk, and she could only walk slowly. When she went to the hospital, the knee was drained, but it didn't heal, so she received a massage at a nearby osteopathic clinic, but it didn't heal. At that time, Wakasa Publishing's health magazine "Yume 21" published an article saying that knee pain can be cured by blood circulation therapy, and she found us.

When she came to my clinic, there was a painful stiffness on the inside of the lower part of her bad left Patella, and there was also a stiffness in her knees and thighs. She had less pain after the treatment, and the next day she had only a little pain, but she began to swell and her knees began to flex significantly.

She was treated at a pace of about once every 10 days and became able to lightly sit straight after eight treatments. She no longer hurt playing table tennis. She was delighted to be able to walk again. She came to my clinic 4 years later, this time with shoulder pain and reflux esophagitis. After two treatments, she came to my clinic three years later.

 This time, she had taken a mahjong class and injured her arm. I palpated her knee joint, which was terrible at first, but she was normal with no stiffness.

Experience video showing healed back pain and knee pain by yorself

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