Recommended by Kozo Yamaguchi, Doctor of Ophthalmology

The Blood Circulation Health Method is a very encouraging health method that anyone can use anytime, anywhere by learning the technique of pressure  points .

Blood circulation health method class

(Anytime, Anywhere  you can practice the Jiwa-Pa Health Method)






 Abdominal self-treatment

Blood circulation health Method that maintains your own health



Schedule (once a month, after the basic course on every Saturday)


Tokyo venue ('22) 4/16  5/21  6/18  7/23 8/27 9/24  10/22  11/26 12/17

                (’23)1/21 2/18 3/25

                 Class hours: 4:30 pm-6:00 pm

  Kita-ku Akabane Kaikan 3F Japanese-style room(Signboard「血液循環療法セミナー」)

              3 minutes from JR Akabane Station East Exit

(There is a signboard when you leave the east exit.)


Osaka venue ('22) 4/9  5/14  6/4  7/9 8/20 9/10 10/15 11/19 12/10

                      ('23) 1/14  2/11  3/11             

           (Class hours: 4:30 pm-6:00 pm) 


Blood Circulation Therapy Academy

 *10 minutes by bus from Hankyu Electric Railway "Toyonaka"

 or subway "Momoyamadai"  Get off at "Ueno Nishi 3-chome"


3Course content 

 April.August.DecemberStomach self-treatment (gastritis, heart disease, hypertension,              constipation, diarrhea, coldness, etc.)

 May.September.JanuarySelf-treatment for stiff shoulders, back pain, neck pain,              headache, and fifty shoulders

 June.October.FebruarySelf-treatment for backache , sciatica, and foot pain

 July.November.MarchSelf-treatment for knee pain, hip joint pain, chest pain, eyes             (cataract, eyestrain, etc.)

(One cycle in four months)

      * If you have pain or complaints, you can also receive hands-on treatment.

3)Items to bring

     Text and writing utensils, Japanese towels (no western towels), light clothing                                                                  (training wear, etc.)





 "Blood Circulation Health Act" published by Taniguchi Bookstore ¥ 2000 + tax


 Supplementary teaching materials

"Knee pressing, DVD book" "Neck pain disappears, blood flow up pressing"


 5)Lesson fee: 1 time, 3000 yen (10,000 yen for 4 batches)

 6) Application

   Please request an application form. (Downloadable from HP)

 We accept application form by mail or fax. The tuition will be remitted to the following account or paid at the venue on the day.(If less than the capacity, we will accept until the day, in which case please apply in advance by phone.)

 Transfer destination Japan Post Bank account symbol 18170 number 21709371 osugi koki


・-Once paid, the tuition fee will not be refunded even if you are absent due to student circumstances. (Only the next course can be retaken)










"Knee pressing, DVD book"










(Latest issue)"you can see better Blood flow up pressure " Published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha  「目がみるみるよくなる血流アップ押圧」        「megamirumiruyokunaruketuryuuappuouatu]



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