Dramatically improved experience

"Age-related macular degeneration", The  doctor told the patient she had to undergo surgery but was completely cured and can now drive "without glasses".

A (75 year old female from Osaka Japan)

 From around November 2016, I started receiving blood circulation therapy at Osugi Clinic to relieve the pain of a sprained leg that had continued for 40 years.

When I suffered a sprain 40 years ago, I was living overseas and was busy raising my children, so I left it as it was without treatment.

I liked driving, playing tennis and ballroom dancing when I had time. Because I was young, I was still able to endure the pain.

However, when I turned 70, my pain became unbearable. Then, I went to the hospital and my doctor told me, "It's better to have surgery because the ligament is growing." 

I couldn't accept having a scalpel in my body, so I wondered what to do.

But at that time I knew about the Osugi Clinic and fortunately it was close to my house, so I decided to go. 

In fact, before that, a result of "suspicion of age-related macular degeneration" was obtained at a medical checkup, so I went to an ophthalmologist to have an examination.

The doctor diagnosed me with age-related macular degeneration, and said that new blood vessels have formed in my eyes, but luckily they're out of the retina."

 I had no subjective symptoms at all, but suddenly in December 2016 I was told, "You are getting worse, please go to a university hospital"

In January of the following year, I went to a university hospital and had a medical examination. I was told I needed surgery because it suddenly got worse.

I didn't feel so visually impaired, and I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. I told them that I didn't want to have surgery, and that the blood circulation therapy I'm going through to relieve pain was going very well, so I  also  wanted to improve my eyes with it, and the medical record was returned to the original eye doctor. I received foot treatment at Dr. Osugi's treatment clinic and was consulted about eye treatment and from January 2017, I began to receive eye blood circulation therapy. 

From January to May, I received intensive treatment five or six times a month. Since June, I've been busy and I've been going less frequently, but I've been going every month while doing self-treatment "Jiwapa" for my eyes.

Then, in October, the ophthalmologist was surprised, “The swelling of your fundus is getting better! That's amazing!" At that time, I realized that blood circulation therapy was the answer.

In addition, when my driver’s license was renewed in March 2017, the condition of "eyeglasses etc." said “none” for the first time.

Now I have no trouble with my eyes at all. I only wear reading glasses when reading characters that are hard to see or sometimes smaller than in newspapers. I think this is all thanks to Dr. Osugi's treatment. 

myodesopsia (floaters) disappeared!   "Glaucoma"stoped its progression!   I could overcome my knee injury and swim every day!

Kazuko Yamaguchi (72year old, woman from Osaka)

 About 15 years ago, when I was looking for an article about glaucoma in a magazine, I felt something invisible in the upper right corner of my left eye, so I went to an ophthalmologist.

I was given a test and was diagnosed with glaucoma, and had to undergo regular checkups.

One rainy day later, I slipped when I was riding my bicycle and injured my left knee.

 I was hospitalized for about two months for knee surgery, and the doctor casually said, "you can't sit straight anymore." 

 I thought, "Oh, that's not true, is it?", but the doctor said, "Even if you don't bend one knee, you shouldn't have that much of a problem."

 While there was no major obstacle in my daily life, I always enjoyed swimming, but my knees hurt, so I was disappointed that I couldn't swim as I wanted and couldn't live as before.

Was that about ten years ago? At one point, I found a booklet about health with information on a lecture by Dr. Osugi.     I attended that lecture.

 After Dr. Osugi explained blood circulation therapy, he said, "Do you have any problems with your knees or other parts of your body? You can try it now."

 I raised my hand to try the treatment.

I don't think it took more than 5 or 10 minutes, but when I received Dr, Osugi‘s "Jiwa-Pah", I was able to sit straight on the spot, which I hadn't been able to do for a long time. I was really surprised. 

After that, I started going to his clinic.

When I was undergoing treatment, I told Dr. Osugi that I had glaucoma and that sometimes I could see black dots in front of my eyes.

He told me that his myodesopsia disappeared by his self-treatment.

 So I asked them to teach me how to do it, and I thought I'd try.

I continued to do "Jiwa-Pah"therapy twice a day in the morning and evening, and the black spots really disappeared.

Now that my knees are getting better, I swim about 1km in the pool almost every day. I participate in Masters' competitions three times a year, but if I practice too much before jumping in to the competition, or if I get too tired, the symptoms may reappear.

 Ever since I improved my eye problems on my own, whenever I notice a black spot, I try to do "Jiwa-pah", and it improves quickly.

 Thanks to that, there have been no symptoms for more than a year.

It has been 15 years since I was diagnosed with glaucoma, but I think that the progress is really slow and I can see my daily life without any trouble thanks to “Jiwa-Pah”.

 I swim the 100m freestyle, and when I use my knees a lot, I sometimes get pain. Also, I want to improve my time even a little, so I still go to Osugi Clinic once a week. 

("Increasing blood flow to the eyes through manipulation improves eyesight " from my book KAWADESHOBOUSHINSHA「目がみるみるよくなる血流アップ押圧」(河出書房新社)


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