Pain quickly disappears with one finger!

Really? Is it a true? Experience it yourself! Anyone with pain is welcome

Anyone with pain, complaints, welcome!

Free experience seminar

Currently being held in Tokyo (Akabane Kaikan) and Osaka (Toyonaka / BCTAcademy)


('21) April May 、June 、July23rd 、August 28th、September 25th、October 16th、November 19th、December 11、('22) January 22、February 19、March 12 



('21) April May 、June 、July9th 、August 21st、September 11th、October 9th、November 26th、December 18th、('22) January 15th、February 5th、March 5th 


Time: 10:00 to 11:30(Common)

Toyonaka ,BCTschool

Akabane kaikan

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