Differences between blood circulation therapy and massage. It's similar because it involves the hands, but it's completely different! The purpose of blood circulation therapy is not comfort, but to cure diseases.

When you get a massage, it can later lead to stiffness. If you receive it repeatedly, you will become very stiff! But once you get used to a strong massage, the pleasure become addictive and you will want to receive them regularly. One day you will not be able to stop.

For example, if you have back pain or knee pain and get a strong massage, you may feel ease immediately after,  but you will feel pain again later.

A powerful massage can help you, but if you repeat the process, eventually you will become insensitive and no longer feel pain.


The same goes for massage machines. However, since root cause has not been cured, the pain will recur, the same is true for SHIATSU or strong acupressure.


 When this happens, the muscle tissue breaks and becomes difficult to heal. Blood circulation therapy, on the other hand, is a gentle


treatment that improves blood circulation.


It is often asked, "Can this work with such a light touch?"


"The lighter, the better."


The area of pain (stiffness) has a circulatory origin.

So if you improve the circulation, the pain will disappear, immediately and the stiffness will be relieved!  

       This is the secret.


Massage paradox-my experience

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So what is difference from a massage?