Difference between blood circulation therapy and massageSomething similarIt looks the same because it is performed by hand, but it is completely different!It is not "comfort" to be comfortable, but "treatment" to cure the disease.

Massage creates stiffness-it gets so stiff!But once you get used to a strong massage, that pleasure is addictiveYou will want to receive a regular massage. And one day you will not be able to stop the massage.

For example, if you have back pain or knee pain

 You will feel good when you are squeezing out the painful stiffness, at which time you think you've improved, but you will get the pain again later. It will be easier if you struggle again, but as you repeat, your nerves will become insensitive and you will not feel effective unless you become stronger. Eventually you will become insensitive and no longer feel pain. The same goes for playing tennis balls and massage machines. However, since it has not been cured, pain will appear again after a while. This is the actual condition of massage (same for strong acupressure SHIATU). When this happens, the organization is less likely to break.

Blood circulation therapy, on the other hand, softly improves the circulation.


It is often said, "Does this work so light?" "The lighter, the better." The area of pain (stiffness) has a circulatory disorder, so if you improve the circulation, the pain will disappear immediately and the stiffness will be loosened! !

       This is the secret.


Massage paradox-my experience

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So what is different from a massage?