Proof of immediate therapeutic effect Kiev Ballet Ballerina testimonial a top dancer who has suffered for a long time with ankle problems has been cured with one treatment! !

Kiev Ballet Soloist Olesya Scheitanova
Kiev Ballet Soloist Olesya Scheitanova

I treated Alesha the top dancer (prima) of the Kiev Ballet Company (Ukrainian Shevchenko State Opera (Kyiv)), world famous. She had won five gold medals at world ballet competitions. Alesha hurt her right ankle. When she put her weight on it she was in pain and it didn't go away for a long time. But I cured  her leg pain in one treatment!  I gave her my method DVD and book how to self-medicate just in case. Her teacher, Ara, gave me a ceramic doll as a souvenir. Ara was overjoyed and said, "

I‘ll invite you to our next ballet performance in Japan."



The next year, We were invited to the Kyiv ballet performance in Tokyo.

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