The secret of the soft technique.     Why is it effective?

The secret lies in the capillary network.

Our body is a mass of capillaries, a total length of 100,000 km- Two and a half laps of the earth.

Whole body vascular network

Vascular network of the head

99% of the blood vessels in the whole body are capillaries

Capillaries like veins

Hand vascular network

Capillary network of the hand

Capillary schematic diagram

Why does a soft technique improve circulation?

This is the secret of the amazing effect! !

The secret of the treatment technique is the capillary network.

The principle of improving capillary circulation is to increase  pressure slowly and release pressure quickly


1)        1)If you apply pressure slowly and softly on the capillary network 


blood is pushed out to the venous side.


2After resting for 1or2 seconds, if the pressure is released quickly,


arterial blood flows in from the arterial side.


The blood does not return because there is a venous check valve .By repeating this procedure, circulation in the capillaries is promoted.




The inside diameter of the capillaries is 8 microns (8 / 1000mm).

If you massage hard, the capillaries  break and cause internal bleeding (bruising), which will cause inflammation.

It will not soften even when rubbed or loosened like clay or MOCHI (sticky rice cake). It just breaks the tissue.