Differences with Ukrainian Massage in treating women with unexplained Quadriplegia

A woman with scoliosis due to quadriplegia improved which was greatly appreciated by her family. Adamenco Arena, 21 years old, was walking until she was about 2 years old, but fell a lot. She was completely unable to walk around the age of five and was seen at a hospital, but the cause was unknown. She received various massages but they didn't work. Her spine has been bent since the age of ten. Her fingers could move but she could not lift her arms. The range of motion of the knee joint was not only about 40 degrees. Both legs had disuse atrophy. As a result of five treatments, the range of motion of the knee joints improved to about 75 degrees. As the muscle group of her shoulder joints loosened, her upward movement improved slightly. At the end of the last treatment, she said in a text message, "We are all very grateful." she asked me what she could do to improve in the future. When I returned from the meal after seeing her off, her father was waiting with lots of souvenirs, and our staff was able to interview them.

The Father's thanks and comments

"Arena was tested at a rehabilitation center in Kiev and had many various massages over the years, but it was all very painful for her, especially she didn't let anyone touch her particularly painful knee. But Dr. Osugi did a good job of treating her. Thank you very much. Arena fully trusts you for giving her the potential to heal like this. Arena and we all thank you. This is her first time receiving such a massage. My wife saw the doctor's method and she will try to imitate it. Thank you. Thank you. "

Treatment and father's comments

She was skeptical and fearful of being the same again as she was bad with a strong and painful massage for the past decade. However, my treatment turned out to be an attractive one, as it turned out to be painless and effective.

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