What happens if the circulation is improved?

Muddy blood becomes smooth blood!

What is muddy blood?When it gets worse, it leads to lifestyle-related diseases (cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc.).It has been proven that this blood becomes smooth by performing blood circulation therapy.

Changes in blood image after treatment


Important work of blood


It is the transport of oxygen!

Why are we breathing?


Why is oxygen important?


We can't live without oxygen.



 Mitochondria in cells make ATP (Adenosine tri-phosphate、a source of energy) with oxygen and glucose.


By improving the circulation, more oxygen is supplied and energy is efficiently made and the body is well.

In other words, the natural healing power is improved.

The key to cure the disease is to improve blood flow in the affected area!

Why does stiffness loosen when circulation improves?

Stiffness is a state in which muscle substances such as lactic acid accumulate in muscle cells and become hard.

By improving the circulation, oxygen is supplied and lactic acid is decomposed, which fundamentally eliminates stiffness.

     What is stiffness?

     What kind of disease is effective?

       Locomotor disorders (backache, knee pain, etc.)

     Medical diseases (such as high blood pressure and heart disease)