Why stiffness be made?

The fate of mankind who started bipedalism against the gravity of the earth

The muscles (antigravity muscles: spinal column standing muscles) that maintain their posture at all times are strained and fatigued.

Poor posture increases strain on muscle groups and increases muscle fatigue.

Poor blood circulation (OKETU)


 If the blood is muddy (OKETU), the supply of oxygen is poor and lactic acid (fatigue substance) is produced, resulting in poor metabolism and stiffness.

Lack of exercise (few muscles and too much fat) can make you stiff

The autonomic nervous system is disturbed by staying up late, stress, and overwork. As a result, peripheral blood flow decreases and stiffness can occur

Decreases metabolism and increases chronic stiffness in middle-aged and elderly people (causes poor movement)

Areas where stiffness is possible (causes of back pain, sciatica, knee pain, neck pain, etc.)

(From ” Blood Circulation Health Method”written by Koki Osugi)