”Great improvement in circulation" ーWhat is blood circulation therapy?

100 years of treatment to improve blood circulation with only the   hands, but it’s not a massage.

We treated four children with cerebral palsy at a Ukrainian   public hospital, and the deputy director recognized that "I had a great effect that is completely different from a massage!   This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.”

Interview with Deputy Director of Ukraine Public Hospital

Deputy Director Mashavsky
Deputy Director Mashavsky

   "On behalf of our hospital and the children, I thank you very much.  I was able to see the dramatic and effective treatment with my own eyes. Please come again. ”(Deputy Director)

 "Have you ever seen a child with these symptoms improve in such

 a short period of time?" (Staff)

 "No, I never have"(Deputy Director)

Chairman Osugi shaking hands with Deputy Director Marshavsky
Chairman Osugi shaking hands with Deputy Director Marshavsky
 Nurse Marina
Nurse Marina

 Nurse Marina's comments


 "When Sasha arrived, he couldn't move his right foot, but now he

can . Thank you. I'm really happy and grateful on behalf of the children. I'm really happy that they are getting better. I've been working for 3 years at this hospital but it's the first time to see such a dramatic effect ."

" What do you think of Dr. Osugi’s therapy?"(staff)

"I was impressed by Dr.Osugi's amazing treatment technique."

she commented with tears in her eyes.



The effectiveness of blood circulation therapy was recognized, and a seminar was held the next year for doctors, nurses and masseurs  therapists at this hospital!



 Massages are practiced in Ukrainian hospitals in the same way as in Japan. Normal massage cannot obtain the effects of blood circulation therapy. So  how are they different?