Regular seminars held monthly in Tokyo Kita-ku Akabane Kaikan, and Osaka  Toyonaka BCT Academy


In the basic course, you will learn the basic theory, basic procedures and whole-body basic treatments in four sessions.

The applied course mainly deals with the treatment of muscle complaints such as back pain, knee pain, and stiff shoulders. (Home therapy course)

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'23 (Reiwa 4) Seminar Schedule Calendar

Regular Seminar Schedule

Basic Course (monthly Saturday) Tokyo 1 13: 00-4: 00 Health (self-cure)Classroom Tokyo 16: 00-17: 30

    Osaka Basic Course 1:30 pm to 4:30 Health Classroom 4:30 to 6 pm

Application Course (Every Sunday) 9:00 am to 12:00 am (Tokyo / Osaka)

Tuition fee

Each health course ¥ 3,000 (4 times advance payment ¥10,000 )

Basic course ¥15,000 each time (4 times advance payment ¥50,000 )

               (Simultaneous basic / health training: ¥ 17,000)

Applied courses: ¥20,000  each time (4 times advance payment ¥70,000 ) 

All course advance payment ¥125,000 yen (¥5,000 yen discount)

Text: Basic / Applied / Specialized Course: "Blood Circulation Therapy, Practice" (¥ 10,000 + tax)

Health classroom: "Blood circulation health method" (¥2000  + tax)

What to bring: Japanese towels (no western towels)

       Light clothes that are easy to practice

Professional courses teach the professional knowledge and skills required as a professional BCT therapist.

 Sunday afternoon of every month (after the application course)        

6 times (6 months)for

  Qualification: Only for those who have completed the applied course.

A certificate of completion of the specialized course is awarded to all graduates. The certification exam will be held after all courses

are finished. Successful students will receive a blood circulation therapist certificate.

(Certificate grant fee and certificate embroidery amount paid separately 15,000 yen)

Course contents (professional course) Master of professional knowledge and skills as a professional healer (Lectures are held on each disease more comprehensively)



  (Schedule of the Tokyo venue in '23) From 1:30 pm to 5:00 (Japanese style room in Akabane Kaikan)

1st session: January 24, July 18,   Applied Technique, Palpation method

2nd session :February 21 August 27   Peptization, Induration, Circulatory Theory, poor                                                                                                                                          circulation, Abdominal Diagnosis

3rd session :  March 14 September 3 stiff shoulders, muscle tension headache Frozen                                             shoulders

4th session: April 18 October 22    lower back pain, hip arthrosis, knee arthrosis

5th session: May 23 November 19     Gastric / duodenal disease, heart disease, liver                                             disease 

6th session: June 20 December 17   Cold sensitivity, gynecological diseases, cancer, diet therapy




('23 Osaka venue schedule) From 2:00 pm to 5:30 (Toyonaka BCT acadmy)

1st : 1.17 7.23     Applied Technique, Palpation method 

2nd : 2.14 8.20      Peptization, Induration, Circulatory Theory, poor                                                                                                                                          circulation, Abdominal Diagnosis

3rd : 3.7  9.10   stiff shoulders, muscle tension headache Frozen  shoulders

4th :  4.11  10.15   lower back pain, hip arthrosis, knee arthrosis  

5th :5.9 11.26       Gastric / duodenal disease, heart disease, liver disease      

6th :6.6 12.10         Cold sensitivity, gynecological diseases, cancer, diet therapy  

 (Last day: 1 hour and a half from 1700 Blood circulation therapist skill certification examination (writing, practical test))* Supplementary classes are possible on days when you cannot attend due to inconvenience. (Consultation required)

Tokyo venue access

Kita-ku Akabane Hall  

5 minute walk from JR Akabane Station East Exit

Osaka venue accessBCT Acadmy (Ueno Higashi, Toyonaka City) (Suitokutei 3F)Take bus 47 or 35 from Hankyu Toyonaka Station and get off at "Ueno Nishi 3-chome".10 minutes from the monorail "Shoji"(There is contract parking lot)

Intensive seminar

Intensive seminar

(basic course / applied course)Venue @ Gakuin (Toyonaka City) only

(This is a seminar for distant people and those who want to learn quickly .)

Certificates of completion (basic courses / applied courses) will be awarded to graduates. (Deadline as soon as it becomes full)

Tuition fee Basic course ¥50,000 

Applied course ¥70,000 Class 


(Basic Course)'May 1 (Sat) ~ 3 (holiday) Finished. Thank you!

September 18 (Sat) - 20 (holiday) Under recruitment!

(Applied course)

July 22 (holiday) - 24 (Sat) Finished. Thank you!


Training time (common to basic and applied courses)

Day 1st   2: 30pm-5: 30pm

Day 2nd  9 am to 5 pm

Day 3rd  9:00 am to 4:00 pm


   * After the basic course, you can take the next applied course intensive seminar.


How to apply

 Fax or e-mail the application form and transfer the required tuition fee to the account below to complete the application.

Payment of tuition fee (* Transfer payment will be completed)

Japan Post Bank 

symbol 18170 number 21709371  Osugi Koki

(Transfer from the city bank Store name 818 Store number 818 Normal Account number 2170937)

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19th Annual Bulletin No. 17
19th Annual Bulletin No. 17
A secret technique that cures the illness with one finger: "Amazing blood flow technique"
A secret technique that cures the illness with one finger: "Amazing blood flow technique"

The school entrance pamphlet, materials, etc. will be mailed, so please be sure to enter your 〒 number, address, and telephone number. We present association bulletin, "Amazing blood flow art understood by manga".

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