Correspondence course (learn at home)



In addition to 'entering a school' and 'taking seminars', we have newly established a course to study by entering distance learning courses. This course has the following features:Busy people can study at their own time at their own pace at home and receive corrections to ensure their knowledge. You can take seminars in Tokyo or Osaka whenever you like, so you can practice and learn according to your progress. One trial fee is only 10,000 yen. Regular seminars (held once a month in Tokyo and Osaka; see the attached color flyer for the schedule) can be decided once. In that case, 10,000 yen will be deducted from the tuition.





Features of BCT distance learning course

You will be able to learn effective knowledge and skills and open your own business.

Schooling practice is always available in Tokyo or Osaka.

You can learn at your favorite time while working. Job change, vocation, self-reliance after retirement, and job search are also open independently. Even if you don't have the equipment and the funds, you can go on a business trip.


Can be opened at home. It's not just teaching. Three training sessions a year after graduation. Individual lessons as needed (charged). At any time, we provide free consultation on business and management advice and treatment.


Courses taken

Home Therapy Course  For those who want to learn treatment at home or workplace or self-treatment


                Take basic and applied courses


Therapist Training Course  For those who want to become a specialized healer.

                  Those who want to open a business independently.


                  Take basic, applied, and specialized courses


Learning plan (curriculum)


Therapist Training / Home Therapy Course Common


<Basic course>

Learning and evaluation of basic theory and basic skills

Read textbooks and reference books, answer questions and mail. If you pass, the next step

Learn basic treatments on DVD. Schooling of basic courses (4 regular seminars or 3 days of intensive seminars), home training.

<Applied course>

Home Therapy Clinical Theory Learning of basic knowledge and treatment (point treatment) for subject complaints.

* Reports, problem answer submission, evaluation. Learn how to cure on DVD.

Applied course schooling (4 regular seminars or 3 days of intensive seminars)

Home training, applied course completion test passed. Awarded "Beginner" certificate.


Therapist training course

<Specialized course>

* Clinical theory * Treatment theory

Learning clinical knowledge, treatment and prevention of the target disease. Submit and correct questions, pass. At the same time, schooling of specialized courses (take regular 6 times or 4 days of intensive seminars), home training, pass the practical test.Awarded "Blood circulation therapist" certificate.



Membership benefits include discounts on tuition fees as a result of joining the Blood Circulation Therapy Association.


(Enrollment fee: 10,000 yen, annual membership fee: 8000 yen) In addition, you can purchase training-related and association-related health-related products at a discounted price.




Home therapy course



Seminar fee (8 regular seminars or 3 days of intensive seminars x 2) Teaching material costs Scoring fee Mailing fee All fees are 181.409 yen

        ¥170,000(tax included) (11.409 yen discount) 

Therapist training course

Seminar fee (a total of 14 regular seminars or a total of 10 days of intensive seminars) Teaching material fee scoring fee Mailing fee certification fee is all included. ¥ 517.497

      ¥ 466,000 (tax included) (51.497 yen discount)


If you take a professional course after completing the home therapy course

  346,000 yen (tax included) (6,978 yen discount)