Self-medicine method developed with sciatica

Experienced massage paradox

 The lower back pain was cured, but this time I became sciatica. If I always work on my back, I get pain from the buttocks to the back of the thing.

When I explored myself, I found that there was a stiffness deep in my ass. However, it is difficult to reach the finger because it is a deep part. So, I put a small wooden pestle on the wall, hang my weight and push it again. If this is deep, I hit it. Pressing for a few minutes will ease the pain. It feels good. However, after a while, it becomes painful again, so I will do the same again.

When I was sore during my business trip, I pressed the clothes brush in the hotel room. However, it had pitfalls. No matter how much you do, there is no cure. That's when it gets easier. It will soon hurt again.

"Massage paradox" The more you rub it, the harder it gets


One day, when I had my apprentice treat my ass, he said to me, "The surface is soft but the back is hard." I pressed the stiffness with a wooden stick like this, so I just crushed it. It only made the nerves insensitive by mechanical stimulation, and the stiffness of the stiffness became more fibrous. Some of the patients repeatedly pressed with a golf ball or tennis ball and came back to my clinic because their back pain did not go away, but they also had a hard stiffness.

If this gives the strong stimulus of "Anmadako" or "pressing or rubbing", the body becomes harder due to the defense reaction.

This is the traditional word "Anmadako" in Japan, where the stiffness is not loosened by prolonged stimulation and becomes harder. In other words, if you "push or rub hard", the body's defense reaction will make the stiffer harder.

This does not cure, but only destroys the tissue and fibrosis to make it less painful. I noticed that it would not be cured without doing "jiwa pha," which also circulates softly with the softness of the fingertips. When I realized that, I pressed myself so that I could reach deep in my ass. I realized that if I did well, my finger would reach the deepest point, so I felt like I was going to cure from the root, and I was patient and patient. Now it doesn't hurt at all and there is no recurrence. With this success I got a way to heal myself. I'm teaching that in a blood health


 method class now.