Knee pain is easily cured!

Knee joint disease

Knee pain, swelling in the knees, swelling, not bending, painful and unable to walk

Knee arthrosis with such symptoms, X-rays at the hospital says "Cartilage is worn out. It is an aging phenomenon." But most people are not cured.

In fact, the cause of knee pain is a stiffness around the plate!

Pain disappears if you do this with Jiwa Pha(Blood circulation therapy)!

Improving the circulation of the knee joint will reduce swelling. If the stiffness around the joint becomes loose, the knee will bend.

The knee pain for 10 years has been completely Complete cured, and you can now sit straight! ! No recurrence after 7 years!



Miyoko Yamada (a pseudonym, a 67-year-old woman) living in Toyonaka City had a knee pain 10 years ago and visited a hospital. She was said that water had accumulated in the knee joint and drained. However, while playing table tennis as a hobby, it became painful again, the whole lower part of the knee became swelled, it was painful to walk, and it was only possible to walk slowly. She had a massage at a nearby osteopath because she drained the water and did not heal when she went to the hospital, but she did not heal.At that time, Knee Pain was featured in" Dream 21(yume 21)" published by Wakasa Publishing. After seeing the article, IShe came to my clinic. There was a painful stiffness on the inside of the lower part of her bad left dish, and there was also a stiffness on the back of the knees and thighs. She had less pain after the treatment, and the next day she had a little pain, but she began to swell and her knees began to flex significantly.She was treated at a pace of about once every 10 days and became able to lightly sit straight after eight treatments. She no longer hurt playing table tennis. She was delighted to be able to walk lightly. She was admitted to my clinic four years later, this time with her shoulder and reflux esophagitis, but her knees were completely painless and in good shape. After two treatments, I came to my clinic three years later.


This time she went to the mahjong classroom and her arms hurt. I palpated around the knee joint, which was bad at first, but there was no stiffness and normal softness.

Lecture video of a story telling about back pain and knee pain by myself

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