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“Age-related macular degeneration,” said by doctors to be an operation, is completely cured, and driver's license is now “without glasses”.

Yoshiko Otsuki (pseudonym: 75 years old, female, Toyonaka, Osaka)


I wanted to relieve the pain of a foot bruise that has been going on for 40 years, and from around November 2016, I began to have Dr. Osugi perform blood circulation therapy.


I lived abroad 40 years ago, when I was crushed, and I was busy with raising children. I liked driving, playing tennis and ballroom dancing when I had time. Because I was young, I was still able to endure the pain.


However, when I was 70, my pain became very painful. Then, when I went to the hospital, my doctor told me, "It's better to have surgery because the ligament is growing."


I was very unacceptable to put a scalpel on my body and I was worried about what to do, but at that time I knew Osugi Clinic and fortunately I was close to my house, so I decided to go.


In fact, before that, a result of "suspicion of age-related macular degeneration" was obtained at a medical checkup, so I went to an ophthalmologist to have it examined. The doctor diagnosed "new blood vessels in the eyes. Fortunately, it's age-related macular degeneration from the retina."

 I had no subjective symptoms at all, but when I was going to an ophthalmology clinic for regular examinations, suddenly in December 2016 I was told, "You are getting worse, please go to a university hospital" It was. The next January, I went to a university hospital and received a medical examination. So I was told I should have surgery.


I hadn't felt any discomfort before and I wanted to avoid surgery as much as possible. I told the doctor in charge at the university hospital, "I do not want to undergo surgery, I have a very good course of blood circulation therapy at Osugi Clinic, which I go to relieve the pain of a bruise, so I want to improve my eyes with it." The medical record was returned to the original ophthalmology clinic.

 Thus, when I had a foot treatment at Dr. Osugi's clinic, I explained about eye treatment in ophthalmology, and started to care eye blood circulation therapy from January 2017.



From January to May, I went to work intensively 5 or 6 times a month. From June, I was busy, so I went less often, but I went every month while doing self-treatment for my eyes, "Jiwa Pa".


Then, in October, the ophthalmologist was surprised , " The swelling of your fundus is getting better! That's amazing!" At that time, I thought I definitely believed that blood circulation therapy would recover.


In addition, when the license of a car that had been conditional on "eyeglasses etc." was renewed in March 2017, which was the time when eye treatment was concentrated, the condition of "eyeglasses etc." disappeared for the first time It was.


Now I have no trouble with my eyes at all. I only wear reading glasses when reading characters that are hard to see or sometimes smaller than newspapers. I think this is thanks to Dr. Osugi's treatment.


Eliminates the concerns of flying mosquitoes! "Glaucoma" does not progress! Overcome knee injury and swim!

Kasuko Yamaguchi (72 years old, female, Osaka, Osaka)

 About fifteen years ago, when I was looking at the glaucoma cell in the magazine that looked for glaucoma, I felt that there was something invisible in the upper right corner of my left eye, so I went to see an ophthalmologist. When I was given a test, I was diagnosed with glaucoma, and had to undergo regular checkups.

One day later, on a rainy day, I slipped down when I was riding a bicycle, and I was injured by breaking the plate on my left knee. I had my knees attached by surgery and was hospitalized for about two months, but the doctor told me that I couldn't do her seat anymore.

 I thought, "Oh, that's it." But the doctor said, "It wouldn't be that bad if you didn't bend one knee."

 While there was no major obstacle to my daily life, I enjoyed swimming all the time, but my knees hurt, so I was disappointed that I couldn't swim as expected and couldn't live as before.

Is that about ten years ago? At one point, a booklet about health had information that there was a lecture by Dr. Osugi.

 After Dr. Osugi talked about it, he said, "Do you have anyone who has stiff shoulders or knee pain? I'll try it, so please do it."


I had to raise my hand and do it.

 And I think it took less than 5 or 10 minutes, but when I received Mr. Osugi's "Jiwa Pha", I was able to create a seat where I couldn't have done before. ... I was really surprised.

Then I came to Osugi Clinic.

When I was undergoing treatment, I told Osugi that he had glaucoma, and that black spots sometimes appeared and caused flying mosquitoes. I heard that Dr. Osugi improved his flying mosquitoes with "Jiwa Pha". So I was taught how to do it and decided to do it myself.

 As I continued to play "Jiwa Pha" twice a day in the morning and evening, the black spots really disappeared.

Now that my knees are getting better, I swim about 1km in the pool almost every day. I participate in Masters' competitions three times a year, but if I practice too much before jumping in before starting the competition, or if I get too tired, the symptoms of flying mosquitoes may appear.

 After improving my own fly mosquito by myself, when I notice a black spot "Ah", I do it every time I do "Jiwa Pha". Thanks to that, there have been no symptoms of flying mosquito for more than a year.

It has been 15 years since I was diagnosed with glaucoma, but I think that the progress is really slow and I can see my daily life without any trouble thanks to “Jiwa Pha”.

 I swim 100m in freestyle, but it hurt when I use a lot of knees while swimming. I want to make my swimming time faster, so I go to see Dr. Osugi once a week for treatment.("Blood blood flow up pressing to make the eyes more visible" from my book Kawade Shobo Shinsha)「megamirumiruyokunaru keturyuuappu ouatu

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