The cause of back pain was stiffness!

After 10 years of suffering from chronic low back pain, the solution reached was blood circulation therapy

My back has been hurt since the fall of the second year of my preparing to re-take initially failed university entrance examinations (20 years old). As I sat at the desk all day, I started jogging because of my lack of exercise, which made my pain worse. The pain was not only on the lower back but also on the back of the thigh, and the stiffness began to come out. I hurt my waist and couldn't stretch.

When I was examined at a hospital, she was diagnosed with "lumbar disc herniation" and told a doctor that she had "only surgery". I was admitted to the university after undergoing college exams, suffering from low back pain and stiff legs, and underwent surgery for hernia. Hospitalized for 40 days. Even after discharge, I went to the hospital with a corset and received a massage for a while. The pain and stiffness on the back of the thigh were removed, but the back pain did not go away. The doctor said that surgery was not possible if the herniated disc recurred. I went to Tokyo with anxiety about recurrence before my back pain was completely cured, and later entered university. Standing on the train was painful. When I was searching for a book in a bookstore, my back quickly hurt and I wanted to sit down.

In summer, my back pain eased. There was carter training in the seaside training of the Fisheries  subject curriculum. Passion for the sea was aroused, and he knew I could not do it. Withstand the spring training camp, participate in the rookie fight. After summer and autumn training camps, I also entered the All Japan University Championships.However, I became painful in winter, and I retired without understanding the concerns of back pain.

After graduating from college, I entered a major and completed half a year of boarding training successfully. I passed the national exam of a navigator and was hired as a maritime officer of the Fisheries Agency of Government. However, my backache had been light since I got a job, but when I tried to do it or worked on my lower back, it hurt. I was on board while worried about hernia recurrence.

My neck sore and my headache got worse.


  I went to the hospital and took the prescribed medicine and did not get better.大学を卒業し専攻科に進学

I decided to learn the blood circulation therapy I met when I was a student, and to spread it to the world for those suffering from illness, moved to Sendai, and started with Mr. Murakami. I tried to find out the cause of my backache with my finger according to the teacher's teaching. I noticed that there was a stiffness on my waist when I pressed it. Perhaps this is the cause of induration. I thought this might be the cause of back pain. I said, "I understand induration!"

There is tenderness when pressed. I wonder if the lower back pain will be reduced if you try the “Jiwa Papp” technique, which improves blood circulation here. So every day I did "Jiwa Pa" and it became lighter. Finally, my back pain disappeared. Induration was Shikori. Yay! This is it! This is it! It looks good!

I was relieved to know that the cause of back pain was stiffness. No more worries about recurrence of herniated disc.

I was resolved from anxiety about recurrence of herniated disc. I was comfortable because I could cure myself even if the pain came out. Then I did some exercises that put a strain on my waist, but it was fine. I could do jogging, biking, swimming, kendo and climbing that I couldn't do before. On a day off since I was able to climb, the mountain that I could go on a day trip climbed from one end. And I was able to climb a 4,000 meter mountain abroad.

When I consult a patient with low back pain after opening my clinic, there is still a stiffness, so if I treat it here, it may be cured. What a cure for disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis, and slippage in a hospital! What the hell is this?

As I gained more experience, I found that not only low back pain, but also sciatica, knee pain, and neck pain were caused by stiffness. In the MRI examination at the hospital, only bones are shown, but stiffness is not shown, so it is diagnosed that the cause is bone abnormality. But the pain was not caused by bones, but by muscle stiffness.

"The blind spot of modern medicine"