Proof of immediate therapeutic effect

Kiev Ballet Ballerina Treatment

The ankle failure of a top dancer who has suffered for a long time has been cured with one treatment! !

Kiev Ballet Soloist Olesya Scheitanova
Kiev Ballet Soloist Olesya Scheitanova

 What I treated was the top dancer (Prima) Olesha, a famous ballet company in the world Kiev ballet company and also famous in Japan. Olesya was hurting her right ankle. When I applied my weight, I was in pain and couldn't heal for a long time. But I was cured with one treatment! Just in case, I handed her a my book, DVD Book Press Method, which taught her self-treatment and showed her how. Her teacher, Ara, gave me a pottery doll in commemoration. Ara was very pleased and said, "I'll invite you to ballet performances in Japan."


I was invited to a  ballet performance in Japan Tokyo.

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